Incoming Staff


Regarding the teachers/ staff mobility, there are not deadlines. Please, send us the Mobility Programme (for teachers or staff) at least a month before coming.

  • An interinstitutional agreement between both institutions must have been signed prior to the stay.
  • Set a work agreement prior to the stay, which will be agreed between the parties involved. It will detail the days of stay and the activities to carry out, among others.
  • Certificate of the stay specifying the days in our School.
  • Any other documents necessary for the sending institution and which could vary between institutions.

HE+HE INTL-Staff Mobility Agreement_training_integr_2018-EN
HE+HE INTL-Staff Mobility Agreement teaching_integr_2018-EN

  • Identity Card within EU borders or passport.
  • VISA: For your stay we will provide you with supporting documentation proving your admission to the School and the reason for the stay in the Erasmus+ mobility programme.

Our School uses Spanish-ES as the language of instruction. However, some of our lecturers speak English.

During the course various lectures and conferences with professionals from different areas of design and entrepreneurship are programmed in relation to our various studies, which you are invited to attend.

Once selected, the participant will join the following courses at our Erasmus+ Mobility Platform: “Contact and general information for incoming”, “Incoming staff”, “Practice and cultural information” and “EASDB’s partners”.